Hottest Job Vacancy at JAGAL Group on 2016

JAGAL Group, is a leading Nigerian conglomerate with operations in the Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing industries. The company has been growing successfully over the past 40 years, and has become a valuable and respected contributor to the development of the country’s economy.

POSITION : Electrician (Shipyard)

Prime Responsibilities and Duties

  • Performs, major & minor repairs, inspection, check list of Generators  & Welding  machines  &Tower lights e.g. Electrical motors Transformers, Electrical panels
  • Performs preventive and routine maintenance as per maintenance plan
  • Repairs, installs, replaces, and tests electrical circuits, Generator & Tower light and welding machine and appliances using appropriate tools and testing instruments.
  • Understands and follows all safety rules and proper procedures associated with the responsibilities of the job.
  • Reports completion of tasks assigned and indicates need for additional maintenance to appropriate personnel.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Foreman and supervisor.
  • Trains subordinates & provide technical guidance as requested.

Other duties:

  • Any other duties as from time to time deemed necessary, which are not necessarily part of your usual job description.

Specific Skills and Knowledge

  • Ability to use appropriate tools and diagnostic equipment to repair, install, replace, and test electrical circuits, equipment and appliances.
  • Ability to read drawings, schematics, Electrical drawings, reference manuals.

Job Requirements

  • At least Three years of field experience with the technical school certificate
  • Diploma is preferred.
  • Flexibility to work other schedules including shift work.
  • Must be certified in all required engine performance, engine repair, and engine elect / electronics CAT foundational assessments.
  • Flexibility to work various schedules including shift work.