Latest Job Vacancy at Signal Alliance on 2017

Signal Alliance – The quick and unrelenting evolution of the technology industry requires companies to continusly develop and evolve new products, solutions, ventures and entities to continue to serve customers. In the past few years, diversification has s seen Signal Allianve venture beyond its core systems integration root into  diversified businesses  some internal , some in new ventures.

POSITION : Group Head of New Business


  • New Product developement
  • New venture development
  • Company  diversification
  • Group Diversification


  • Candidate should have a first degree in Finance, Business, Engineering or Technology.
  • A higher degreee in busineness administration or management is required
  • 10 years post graduation eperience some of which must be in finance, technology, venturing.
  • And understanding and experience in prodcut development , business development
  • Experience in the technology startup ecosystem.
  • Experience in starting, managing a  startup will be an advantage