Latest Vacancy for a UFR SCNL Construction Supervisor at Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited on 2016

Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited was established in 1996 as a partnership between Moody International Group and Nigerian investors. Since commencing operations in March 1997 the company continues to grow and exerts its presence in numerous Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

POSITION : UFR SCNL Construction Supervisor (Structures)

Job Description
The Service holder has the overall responsibility for the UFR onshore construction activities in clients yard related to Structural components. These include the following:

  • 3 off Umbilical Arches + Gravity Bases
  • 8 off SHR Foundation Piles
  • 16 off FPSO Suction Foundation Piles Anchors
  • 31 off FLETs, 5 off T-FLET, 13 off ITAs, 1 off PLEM and 1 off SIV.
  • LBMS: 20 off (TBC)
  • Skirted Flowline anchors:10 off (TBC)

The holder of the position shall in particular be responsible for:

  • All structural steel prefabrication, assembly, erection, NDE, PWHT and dimensional controls as per qualified procedures including primary steel members, secondary steel, platforms to equipment, installation aids and painting in accordance with Approved For Construction (AFC) drawings, applicable Codes and Standards and Specifications.
  • Supervising a team of SCNL personnel dedicated to subsea structural packages of about 11,500 tons in weight.
  • Reviewing and validating onshore CTR organisation required to supervise these onshore construction activities.
  • Reviewing and analysing the onshore construction schedule and providing feedback to the Construction Superintendent.
  • Assess the suitability or otherwise of CTR assigned workforce in order to provide early warnings regarding construction schedule.
  • Assessing the suitability, availability or otherwise of CTR-assigned equipment and materials required for structural construction activities.
  • Ensuring appropriate coordination and seamless interface with other onshore construction UFR sub-packages in line with the overall SCNL scope of work.
  • Assisting and taking part in all UFR load-out operations at SCNL’s yard as may be required.
  • Ensuring that as-built dossiers comply with all QA/QC requirements.
  • Providing weekly and monthly UFR construction updates to the Construction Superintendent.
  • Taking part in daily, weekly and monthly progress review meetings as may be required.
  • Providing inputs to the Construction Superintendent to assist him in the preparation of the UFR close-out reports for the construction activities operations.
  • Liaising with the SCNL UFR Construction Superintendent on a routine basis for the resolution of outstanding issue(s), if any.
  • Providing feedback to the construction superintendent on required level and quality of personnel at any point in time, in order to manage mobilisation and demobilisation of CPY site personnel dedicated to Structural fabrication scope at SCNL.


  • Contribute to meet UFR HSE objectives while ensuring HSE requirements are taken into consideration during the construction phase to minimize risk to people and Company/contractor assets, at any time during the project phase.
  • Demonstrate leadership for implementation of Company HSEQ requirements and ensure on construction site the set up of the correct organization, that Contractor implement properly the HSE plan on the Construction Yards, the proper monitoring and recording of HSE performance of the sites.
  • Ensure that safe working practices are carried out within the construction team and the contractors in order to enforce Company HSEQ policy.
  • Provide construction input to the Construction Superintendent for UFR risks register update along with all mitigation measures, in close coordination with CTR and CPY construction teams.
  • Participates in various reviews (COMOPS, SIMOPS, HAZIDs, HAZOPs, Project Technical Reviews, Risk Assessments…) and ensures implementation of recommendations as necessary.
  • Participates in safety tours and Management visits as defined by UFR.


  • Directly responsible of all onshore constructions matters within his discipline package.
  • With strict adherence to HSEQ standards, the Service holder is responsible for ensuring that fabrication activities are completed as per approved schedule and quality.

Job Requirements

  • Chartered Engineer or similar education level, with a sound Oil & Gas technical background (multi-discipline) in deep offshore construction.
  • Minimum of 10 years working experience in an Oil and Gas industry with a strong background in subsea construction activities.
  • Good knowledge of international subsea design codes / standards and COMPANY general specifications.
  • Proven background in improving quality, procedures, planning, coordination, organization and productivity of the contractors he supervises.
  • A self-motivated natural leader with excellent communication and delegation skills.
  • Credible working relationships within multicultural teams.
  • Fluency in English both verbally and in writing.
  • Passionate about maintaining high standards.
  • Excellent work ethic and must be able to withstand fast-paced high pressure working environments.