Vacancy as  NDT Supervisor at Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited on 2016

Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited was established in 1996 as a partnership between Moody International Group and Nigerian investors. Since commencing operations in March 1997 the company continues to grow and exerts its presence in numerous Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

POSITION : UFR Offshore NDT Supervisor


  • The UFR Offshore NDT supervisor is responsible for all Offshore NDT activities during his shift and is directly accountable for the correct interpretation of all AUT and other NDT activities.

NDT Activities
As the specialist in pipeline/structural Non Destructive Testing, on board the UFR CTR flowlines laying vessel the NDE Interpretor shall:

  • Make sure the weld preparation and fit-up are acceptable as per specifications.
  • Make sure the welds and their non destructive testing are duly identified.
  • Ensure that NDE equipment and procedure on use onboard are in accordance with the project specifications.
  • Ensure all pipeline welds AUT or X-rayed during his shift are duly interpreted by the NDE agents of CONTRACTOR.
  • Supervise NDE processing and make sure it is done according to good workmanship.
  • Witness all the NDE done during his shift, make his own interpretation of the results and agree with the NDE CONTRACTOR about the status to be given to the welds. In the absence of TPA on board the vessel, the NDE Supervisor will act as the highest technical authority on board to validate NDE interpretation.
  • Inform the COMPANY Main Representative about all shortcomings, problems and/or major defects detected in the fabrication.
  • Ensure that the traceability of NDE results is well maintained onboard through appropriate QC records. Collect the inspection reports carried out during its shift and file them properly on board available for the CY main representative.
  • Liaise with UFR welding specialist when required
  • During the mobilisation phase, he shall be able to judge the capability and skilfulness of welders in order to support the following:
    • Inspection and expertise of any NDE carried out on installation aids or auxiliary fabrications as per specifications.
    • Evaluation of the NDE to be carried out on auxiliary fabrications if they are not specified in the NDE manual.
    • Assessment of welders
    • Collection and verification of welders certificates
    • Follow-up of welders

Safety is the core value of the Total Group and shall be the first and foremost priority for all COMPANY offshore personnel. The NDT Supervisor shall demonstrate exemplary HSE behavior and ensure that all acts under his supervision are conducted in a safe manner according to the Total Golden Rules, CONTRACTOR HSE rules and all international and local regulations. In particular the NDT Supervisor shall:

  • Report safety improvements, anomalies and incidents according the HSE management system on board the vessel
  • Stop immediately all unsafe acts by COMPANY, CONTRACTOR or third party personnel
  • Be a safety leader for all CONTRACTOR and subcontractor staff in his domain of supervision
  • Not engage in any unsafe acts

The Offshore FJC supervisor is accountable to for:

  • The correct execution and interpretation of all NDT activities on board

Qualifications / Experience Required

  • Previous offshore AUT experience on board J-Lay a pipe laying vessel
  • AUT and X-ray radiography interpretation qualification up to date
  • Certified UT inspector:
  • Level 2 (3rd party) as per ISO 9712 or,
  • Level 3 as per ISO 9712
  • Fully conversant with DNV OS-F101 / API 11-4 welding code as well as GS EP PLR 420/421 and 430
  • Having a solid experience in AUT and film reading for offshore pipeline
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written).
  • BOSIET certificate